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Sutro Heights, San Francisco

State Capitol, Sacramento

Equality California Gala, San Francisco  City Hall Rotunda

Piatti's Restaurant, Sacramento

Pride 2001, San Francisco

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About Us

The Janis-Kitzmillers met in December of 2000. They have been together in a loving committed relationship ever since. In the summer of 2001 they filed as Domestic Partners with the state of California’s Domestic Partner Registry. Jeff & Dave were married in the rotunda of San Francisco’s City Hall along with many other same-sex couples on February 15th, 2004.

2004 was an amazing year for Marriage Equality rights. In August of 2004, when the California Supreme Court invalidated the marriages that had occurred in San Francisco, Jeff & Dave decided to take their anger and frustration out by pledging to fight for same-sex marriage rights. “We realized that we need to change the hearts and minds of the world, and that needs to start at home.” So at the end of August, Jeff and Dave formed the Solano County Chapter of Equality California/Marriage Equality California. The couple has since flown to Washington D.C. to be part of the first National Rally for Marriage Equality that took place at our nation’s capitol.

Jeff & Dave have found that by sharing their pictures and story they continue to put faces to the issue and are able to open more hearts and minds to understanding what it is that we are fighting to achieve. “We are not looking for special treatment or rights. We just want to be able to marry and have the same legal protections for our families that any other loving, committed, couple enjoys.” The couple is featured in the documentary “I Will, I Do, We Did!” which chronicles the historic San Francisco same-sex marriages of 2004. Jeff & Dave have also been featured in AB205 training materials prepared by the Department of Justice, on various websites such as The Rainbow Wedding, and Love & as well as in the “Spouses for Life-A Wedding Album” exposition. They continue to share their story with the hope that by educating others we can someday realize the reality of same-sex marriage equality.

The Janis-Kitzmillers were on board the Get Engaged Tour in February of 2005 in order to share their stories of how important the needs for same-sex marriage equality rights are to ensuring the legal protections of LGBT families. They were successful in bringing their message to those parts of the state where there were not yet chapters of Equality California in the hopes of establishing new ties and bonds with other supporters of same-sex marriage equality. As a result of their team efforts on the Get Engaged Tour three new EQCA/MECA chapters were established in counties where none had existed prior.

This past year they held a celebration in downtown Fairfield on the plaza in front of the new County Administration building in honor of Judge Kramer’s ruling in favor of allowing same-sex couples the right to marry based on the constitutionality issues. They continue to try to bring visibility to the issues surrounding marriage equality with events planned for various holidays, community events, and other anticipated court rulings. Recently they took a third place prize as the first ever LGBT contingent in the Solano County Veteran's Day Parade.

They have founded and established the Solano-Napa LGBTQI Organizations Coalition to encourage our various organizations to work together in shaping our LGBTQI community. Jeff & Dave are also the first chapter leaders of Equality California to initiate an EQCA Chapter’s participation in the state’s “Adopt-A-Highway” program. They have both now left EQCA in order to work on securing marriage equality rights on a national level by joining forces as volunteers with Marriage Equality USA, the parent to the Marriage Equality California Chapter they first were leading.

Jeff works as a Quality Assurance Manager for a leading financial software provider in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dave works as the Controller for an aviation firm in the East Bay. Jeff & Dave own a home in the Fairfield area where they reside with their two dogs, Buster & Squirt.



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